commit to being fit.

“Those who do not find time for fitness will find time for illness.”

My client made me laugh as she was taught how to do a dip the other day. She exclaimed, “I know what these are; there are always those tid-bits in fitness magazines about fitness on the go- take your chair flip it and dip it!” As corny as it is- IT’S TRUE!

No excuses your running short on time who says you can’t workout for 5/10 mins justĀ using your couch, bed, chair, cubicle, etc.

Ray is constantly posting workouts made simple ie. the lastest russian twists video. Check out our video log, be creative, ask your trainer today!

How can you maximize the minimum time some days allow us?

Commit to being fit. No excuses ESPECIALLY about the lack of time.

-trainer Cat Heitz

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