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The Training Floor  offers One on Personal Training and  Small Group Training.

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The Training Floor brings back the one-on-one service that is often overlooked in a larger gym. We are committed to tending to your personal needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service which outshines the competition in a fun and friendly environment for all fitness levels.

You’re not only a client, but a friend and a part of The Training Floor family. If you’re serious about your fitness and want to be coached and inspired to reach the next level, you belong here. Join us at The Training Floor; Stamford’s best personal training studio and a truly judgment free environment.

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The past 4 years at The Training Floor have put me in the best shape of my life. I step through those doors and live out accomplishments I couldn’t fathom 20 years ago. Commitment and encouragement come from all sides. We are dedicated to our training and the trainers are dedicated to us. We’re all building off of each other, and my man Ray has built something truly incredible where family meets fitness.

-David Sottini

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