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What is TRX?


TRX training is quickly becoming a favorite workout across the nation. A dynamic suspension system that allows clients of all fitness levels to enjoy a total body workout. The instructor will guide you through a suspended workout that will have your muscles enjoying each movement and ready for each new exercise. There are no requirements for this class, beginner and advanced classes are available. TRX class is modified for your ability level; it’s the perfect workout to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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I've evolved from a person who measured my success only by the scale.


"In my attempt to change up my workout routine to start losing weight, I sought out a personal trainer at the Training Floor. What I’ve found is not just an incredible gifted personal trainer, but I’ve also found someone who has been able to change my perception about myself. I’ve evolved from a person who measured my success only by the scale, to a person who now measures success by my accomplishments, e.g. running, strength, versatility in workout, etc."

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