Personal Training


I can and I will.

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is The Training Floor’s specialty. Our Personal Trainers are all certified and offer clients the individual attention and workout that each person needs. You can choose to work with only one trainer, or with multiple trainers. When you purchase a personal training package, we will schedule the sessions around your needs.

Many of our customers who take group classes will also take some personal training sessions to give them that added edge in an area that they need. Some people work exclusively with personal trainers and choose not to take group classes. Your Personal Trainer will work with you on a program that will help you achieve your goals.

Want to hear what our clients say?

Keeps me focused.


"Before the Training Floor, I would say the workouts were pretty much non-existent....When I did go, it would be half was unproductive waste. Working with a Personal Trainer, not only gets me motivated to actually show up, but when we are here, it keeps me focused on what we are supposed be doing which is actually working out and pushing yourself."

Small Group Training

All Groups cap at 10 per workout. Get your body in The Training Floor.

No Sweat Intro

Have a conversation with us

about how we can get you to your fitness goals, 
No commitment.
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Personal Training

One on One

Semi private (2-3people)