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What is Spin/Cycle?

Spin/Indoor Cycling at The Training Floor is a unique small group fitness class that challenges the body with a cardiovascular and a strength workout. Every Spin/Indoor Cycling ride is different; with a variety of certified spin instructors who bring their personality to spin class through music. Our spin instructors will guide you through every hill, jump, and interval with inspiring prompts and the encouraging attitude among all spin participants. Spin/indoor cycling at our studio is a personal experience testing your endurance and motivating you through spin instructor coaching and heart pumping music. Spin/Indoor cycling does not discriminate, it is perfect no matter your age, weight, or skill level. Spin/Indoor Cycling is the perfect workout to add to your routine.

See Spin/Cycle in Action

Want to hear what our clients say?

Two and a half years ago at the recommendation of a friend I walked into The Training Floor wanting to learn Kettlebells. After reading an article on the benefits of kettlebell workouts I was excited to add something new to my boring gym routine, boy I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was a challenge from the start! After my first intro class I wanted to give up and had never felt more out of shape in my life, I could barely swing the smallest bell in the gym. I was discouraged and frustrated, literally through my sweat and tears Ray never let me give up! He coached me, encouraged me and challenged me. Through a lot of hard work I am now in advanced kettlebell, swinging some of the heaviest kettlebells in the gym. I am the strongest I have ever been and my endurance is the highest it’s ever been. People say I’m addicted to working out… I say you would be too if you went to the Training Floor where the trainers are dedicated and motivating, the classes are unique and challenging and the clients are inspiring! There is no place like it!

Tara Mosley

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