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What is Spin/Cycle?

Spin/Indoor Cycling at The Training Floor is a unique small group fitness class that challenges the body with a cardiovascular and a strength workout. Every Spin/Indoor Cycling ride is different; with a variety of certified spin instructors who bring their personality to spin class through music. Our spin instructors will guide you through every hill, jump, and interval with inspiring prompts and the encouraging attitude among all spin participants. Spin/indoor cycling at our studio is a personal experience testing your endurance and motivating you through spin instructor coaching and heart pumping music. Spin/Indoor cycling does not discriminate, it is perfect no matter your age, weight, or skill level. Spin/Indoor Cycling is the perfect workout to add to your routine.

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I"ve been training at TTF for almost 5 years and it has helped me get in the best shape of my life.The variety of classes and trainers make every day a new challenge so you're never bored and stay motivated. The small group environment holds you accountable and provides a more personalized workout to help you achieve new goals every week.  There is no place like it!

Kait Mcneil

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