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Tabata Cardio


Your Only Limit is You

What is Tabata Cardio?

This class consists of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.The instructor designs different 20 second stations with 10 second rest in between. This workout is known to shed pounds quickly and can be applied for all levels of fitness.

See Tabata Cardio in Action

Want to hear what our clients say?

The moment I knew my mindset changed was when I told George that I would rather do a burpee than a crab crawl –  I strongly dislike burpees

Unlimited Classes

Pay one fee, come as much as you can. Get your body in The Training Floor.

Drop In Classes

Pay as you go.  
No commitment.
No Contracts.

Personal Training

One on One

Semi private (3-4people)

Small Group (3-6people)

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