Are There any benefits to using Kettlebells instead of Dumbbells?

This is the title of an article in Men’s Health this month. I am not going to wave the Kettlebell flag., honestly when introduced 2 years ago to Kettlebells I thought it was a complete waist of time. I was first convinced when George and I participated in a Kettlebell workshop in Providence. Ever since then I researched the best in the industry and never looked back. I stand behind integrating Kettlebells into my workouts becuase of the total body resistance it provides. I also believe that every person who claims to know the art of Kettlebells actually hasno clue. Kettlebells are from Russia and is older than any one I know. This art form has just recently reached the US and has taken the fitness industry by storm. Every gym and studio offers some sort of Kettlebell training and I think this is great.

 Kettlebells are not for everyone. Kettlebells are a learned art form.  it’s just like anything good it takes time. So whether you have taken a class or are planing on it, Please understand to weep the benefits of this art form you must be consistent as well as patient.( some of my best classes have taken a long time to get there) But please give this art form a fair chance before you conclude on it.

The Results:

Increase your cardiovascular

Fast way to burn fat

Tone Muscle

-Ray Boyd

“Do something great, it has it’s benefits”


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