Client Of The Month Nancy Brown



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Nancy Brown


How long have you been training at the training floor?  4 months


How has training benefited your life/health?

Training has improved both my physical and mental health.  Since I started training with Ray I have gained more energy and feel less stressed.   Ray has helped me to restore my fitness confidence which has spilled over into my every day life.  I have less neck and back pain which I developed as a result of sitting at a desk all day.  Last year I was seeing my Chiropractor weekly.  This year I’m seeing Ray, getting my butt kicked and loving it and life a whole lot more.


What were your initial goals and how has training gotten you progressing toward them?

My exercise/training program somehow went on hold about 4 years ago.  I got married, had a baby, moved to CT which added daily commuting to NYC everyday, and began a self-study program for an advanced degree in financial planning.  Suddenly there seemed to be no time to take care of me. My primary goal was to do something positive for ME.  I told Ray I wanted to feel fit and fab at 45.  I wanted to improve my cardiovascular strength and feel toned like I did pre-baby.  I’m not as fit as I was at 40 but I’m on my way and starting to see and feel results.  My cardio, tone, strength, and agility have all improved as has my attitude.


What is your favorite exercise to do with your trainer?

I like the ring pulls because for me they’re one of the easiest and they make me feel like a little kid. 


What is your favorite meal?

My healthy answer is grilled swordfish with garlic and lemon.  My truthful answer is lasagna or pizza.


What would you say to people who never had a personal trainer and maybe considering one?

Go for it!  For me a PT is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or someone you love.  A good PT will add motivation, efficiency, and accountability to your workout regimen.  You can get results on your one but at the Training Floor you’ll get them faster and have a lot more fun.

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