Rose Belcher


Farewell to a warrior 

Rose and Cat

I always knew I was a people person. I love to interact, socialize, and especially make a difference in other people’s lives. I put them before myself without even processing the action.

Here at The Training Floor we aren’t just a personal training studio, we are a family. Our clients are an active part of our lives and vice versa.

Some of you may know my client Rose Belcher. Rose started training with me back in November- November 11th to be exact…that day Rose finished a sled run sat on the ground and said, “whoo this is NOT jazzercise!” Rose from day one always made me laugh, she came in with a ball of energy and fear for what torture was to come next. 🙂 She’d finish a new exercise and while gasping for air but smiling at the same time say, “oh girrrrrll you trying to kill me!”

From November 11th, 2008 to today August 7th, 2009 Rose has transformed her body and life. From a size 16 to a size 6 my girl literally worked her butt off, changing her workouts and diet the entire way. It was in no way easy; I guarantee Rose will try to tell you that I tried to kill her most days; but it was well worth the battle. She had also introduced us to her husband Steve and children Josh, Sarah, and Kate as well. As a family the Belcher’s would come to workout- Saturday was my favorite because it was my weekly dose! I would have Steve a 8, Rose at 9, and the kids at noon! Talk about family fitness!

Rose is an amazing success story, she started not being able to push 45lbs on a sled, and not do a push-up to pushing 250lbs on a sled and today in her workout did a total of 300 different types of push-ups! She won’t believe me when I tell her; but she is my most elite of elite clients. Rose endures the most grueling workouts I can think of and is always back the next day for more! At the age of 38, and 3 kids later Rose is back to the size she was when she was 20 but in better shape than ever.

Today is bittersweet as we celebrate such a great success but also a sorrowed parting. The Belcher’s are venturing off to Delaware to accommodate new business entourages and although they will be dearly missed they will always be a part of The Training Floor family. Upon leaving Rose had written us quite a few touching words some of them being, “You have TRULY changed and inspired me in every aspect of my life and for this, I THANK YOU! America doesn’t need another diet pill or fad diet; instead we NEED guidance and support with lots of motivation! It comes from wonderful, dedicated trainers like you!”


Cheers to you Rose, Steve, Josh, Sarah, and Kate! Best of luck. We love you all and wish you nothing but the best. (THIS DOESN’T GET YOU OUT OF DOING BURPESS AND SPIDERMANS! :))



Trainer Cat Heitz

and your Training Floor family.

Ray, George, and Cat.


PS- hey Rose remember when you used to doubt where you could end up? The frustration and yearning you used to have about wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin?? CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! YOU DID IT! YOU ARE B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. You earned it. Celebrate this day as you crossing the finish line, now just keep running the race…just keep running.

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