Weight loss comes with healthy changes in your lifestyle which YES does incorporate your nutrition! You can’t work your butt literally off at the gym to return to a household full of junk food goodies and expect to change your body. Stop making excuses and just give it up.

Changes such as liquids make a difference!

Jane Doe eats a salad but also has a pitcher of beer. Remember being back in college? They don’t call it the freshman 15 because you are studying too much but more so you are drinking A LOT of alcohol. Alcohol raises the levels of acid in your stomach which will affect your digestive processes- poor digestion will not enable your food to pass properly.

Plus let’s be honest when you are hungover the next day who wakes up and says let me have something healthy like egg whites! You relax and you munch on whatever is convenient.

Although red wine is good for you that does not mean your body needs a bottle of it! The good antioxidants you want are only found in it only present if the bottle indicates on it “no sulfites added” or it may say “NSA.”

Maybe your not an alcoholic drinker what about soda?

Not only does high levels of phosphorous increase calcium loss from your body but explain to me how all the sugar in a can of soda promotes being healthy? Diet soda is NOT better- know what aspartame is? To make it simple when it enters your body it becomes a different chemical called formaldehyde which scientists use as disinfectant or a preservative- not to drink! Think of it as drinking liquid to preserve your fat cells who wants that?!

Who needs coffee? If you can say you NEED caffeine you are either addicted or sleep deprived. There is NO need for a LARGE cup of coffee, did you know that’s actually 3 cups!? Let alone those who enjoy 2-3 large cups of coffee a day! Drink it light and sweet?? Why don’t you just eat a few snicker bars throughout your day instead- there’s the same amount of sugar! Coffee has become so widely accepted in our society that people automatically think they NEED it just to start their day. Caffeine has its affects on every organ in your body from your skin to your nervous system. Decaf although lacking caffeine is still highly acidic. Acidic foods are a problem because they promote production of fat cells. Try an organic decaffeinated tea or even a fresh squeezed organic juice.

DRINK WATER! It is important. Your body is mainly composed of it and constantly staying hydrated helps flush out your system of all its toxins; and things your body is storing from whatever it is you’re consuming. It will help with the elimination of waste in your body which is HEALTHY! Add lemon, lime or even a few berries to give it some taste if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Start with the little things. Use your head! Start on a healthy track and continue to contact us with your questions along the way. Remember we do offer diet plans! Ask about phase 1 today if you have yet to hear about it.

-Trainer Cat Heitz

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