3 Weeks out!

Every Meal and Pose counts

With just under 3 weeks left George is ready to go.

June 9  Hillhouse High school New Haven ct

His weight is 179 and body fat is less than 5%.

At this point it’s all posing and diet. Although he looks great he has to keep saying to himself , “this is a bodybuilding show” That means the judges will be looking at his overall body  symmetry and ability to pose. The next few weeks are the most CRUCIAL ones. His diet has to be top-notch as well as his ability to show the judges his bodies best attributes.

(everyone in the show will have a 6 pack)

George has enough muscle on his body to claim first place, but at this point it will be his ability to display great muscle symmetry in each pose and distribute showmanship in his routine.(win the crowed)

His diet will stay at 6 meals in a few days we will visit “just boil chicken and squash for only a few days. Remember we want to keep the size on for as long as possible. George has a very fast metabolism so carbs are extremely important up until the day of the show.

I will say” he look’s the best I’ve ever seen him look” but you guys know I’m not a judge and my opinion is very bios . Good luck George ever meal and pose counts!

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