Just a Few Days left till show time!

With just under 7 days till his natural body building show! George is looking GREAT! I say this with complete confidence in the hard work he has put forward. Meal after meal after meal…….

George is about 173lbs and I would say 4% body fat. Whats left?

Sodium time people! The toughest part of his diet this week is to go for 4 days on boiled chicken , steamed squash and 5 rice cakes a day

(please don’t try this at home) The purpose is to take all of the sodium out of his body up until 3 days before the show and then slowly put it back in, thus creating what George likes to be called “THE HULK

Timing is key , he has to have just enough sodium and water in his body by Saturday. The tricky part about this is because of his very fast metabolism George could look his best the day before, the day of, or the day after his show! As  a natural bodybuilder you will diet for a certain date.  Based on metabolism and timing of food intake , your body will look its best only one out of the  last 3 days of dieting.  Saturday is the day folks. please show your support for George he has worked so hard and looks amazing. Leave a comment…..

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