Why Kettlebells?

Why train with a Kettlebell?
The Kettlebell is the perfect tool for rapid gains in functional strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, dynamic flexibility, fat loss, lean muscle
building and mental focus. In short, Kettlebell training is the ultimate form of exercise.

Who trains with Kettlebells?
Just to name a few: Let Bron James, US Special Forces, Russian Special Forces, law enforcement, firemen, athletes, Martial arts practitioners, boxers, The Secret Service, the actors from the movie 300 to get into warrior-like
shape. Anyone can train with Kettlebells!

What’s in it for me?
Women: Release the power within you without bulking up. Develop power and coordination with a lean and graceful physique to match. 

Men: Get ripped to the bone. Develop “real world” strength, power, and the speed of a gladiator with the physique to match.

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