What A Sunday

Today was an interesting day. We started our Sunday out 8am at the Trumbull Marriott setting up our table for the Bridal show. 8:30am I headed to the gym to train my first client at 9am while Cat stayed and finished setting up. 12:38 pm while teaching my advanced kettlebell class outside I received a text message 
 “This place is Hell what happened to team?” “I am being bombarded and couldn’t get a hold of anyone on the phone, I ran out of paper to write down emails” said Cat. Luckily George arrived soon after with 5 more email sheets. I arrived around 2:00pm and watched my staff of Cat and George do a super job of signing people up and handing out information. What a Great Job! I was so proud of your trainers, they did so good. Cat was the brave hero who served over 65 brides to be and helped bring in a whopping 76 new email addresses.George held it down to the end with still only eating boiled chicken and steamed squash.
Bridal Boot Camp was a hit!
Thanks to your trainers.

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