The Truth About Lemon Water!

This one had me had me guessing . For years I was believing everything I heard about water and lemon. Read this..
Contrary to popular belief, drinking hot lemon water every morning is NOT a miracle weight loss solution. We realize this post may hurt some people’s feelings, but:
* There is no scientific evidence that lemon water can boost metabolism.
* There is no scientific evidence that lemon water can detox your body. The liver and kidneys do this.
* There is no scientific evidence that lemon water makes your body alkaline. The body’s pH level is regulated by the kidneys and lungs, regardless of what we ingest.

That said, drinking a daily dose of lemon water does incur various health benefits:
* The juice of a single, fresh-squeezed lemon has over 50% of the daily recommend value of vitamin C.
* The citric acid in lemons is responsible for their tart flavor, but it also aids in digestion of proteins and fats and the absorption of some mineral nutrients.
* The warm water may help you go to the bathroom by promoting intestinal motility. However, any warm liquid can do this, with or without lemon added.
* Last but not least, a glass of lemon water is virtually calorie-less, so if it replaces a cup of coffee or a smoothie, you are saving yourself 100-300 calories.

What’s your morning drink ritual?

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