TF 90 Day Challenge

TTF Fit Body 90 Day Challenge


Look and feel your best!

Happy New Years!

Now is your time to work off that extra pounds that just don’t seem to go away.

How would you like to lose pounds, size and body fat %??

How would you like to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication?

Now you can and also have a friend do it with you.

The contest is to see who can lose the most size, weight and body fat% in 90 day.

Some of you may not want to weigh in , or be measured. (that’s your choice) You still should join in on this for discipline of goal setting and the stability and support of others.

First weigh in is Jan 1-10

Second weigh in is Feb 1-8

Third weigh in is March 1-8

Fourth and winning weigh in is April 1-8

Each weigh in will consist of body fat, weight and girth measurements.

If you miss a weigh in then you will use your last weigh in!

February winner (30 days)

TTF New Design Shirt and $120 gift card to Sports Authority

March winner- (60 Days)

TTF Newly Designed Shirt and $150 gift card to Lu Lu Lemon

April Grand Prize (90 Days)

TTF Newly Designed Shirt -$100 cash and 3 months of unlimited classes


You must attend at least three classes a week at TF

Or Work with a trainer twice a week

If you are not a member there is a special 90-day class price.

All Contestants will receive 3 different meal plans geared toward weight loss

All entries are final! Do not miss a weigh in!

90 day Challenge:

Unlimited Class (must take at least 3 per week)

Four weigh-ins (body fat, weight and girth measurements)

Three different meal plans

Nutritional motivation and fitness tips

Three different winning prizes


Cost: Unlimited Members $96

Non Members $289 (includes meal plan and classes)

We must have at least 12 people for this to work!

Unlimited Classes