Five Fitness Trends That Can Change your Body

To help those of us planning on focusing on healthier living and staying fit in 2015. I have come up with a top five fitness trend that can change your body.

  1. Exercise And Weight lost:  Most of you have the same goals in mind, get tone lose size and tighten certain areas. The sure fired way to be successful at that is to master your nutrition, that right put everything that goes into your mouth in perspective. Their are various apps that monitor calorie counting and calories burning. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE! Having  a great workout is really awesome and probably makes you feel better, but having the right nutrition plan in place can really be a game changer. More energy, faster results and an  increase in being focused. For more info on choosing a fitness plan please contact me.
  2. High Intensity Interval Training: The heart is a muscle. For better overall fitness gains you must include workouts that use short burst of energy with minimal rest to get to your next level. Boot Camp, Kettlebells, Tabata and Spin are great workouts that maximize interval training.
  3. Strength Training: I can’t express anymore the importance of increasing your strength especially women. 2014 most of you went thru my women strength campaign and to your surprise did not gain size or lose tone. In fact most of you are now performing on a much higher level and have noticed increases in energy and self esteem. “GET YOUR STRENGTH UP FOR MAXIMUM FITNESS RESULTS”.
  4. Personal Training In Small groups: (2-3) More affordable and better targeted toward your individual needs. Invest deeper into achieving your goals by working with a trainer once or twice a month on top of your regular fitness routine. Bring a friend that has similar goals or even a more advanced training partner that will motivate you to cross that finish line faster. Personal training is still a top motivator for receiving individualized goals and it is also a great way to learn more about achieving your goals.We are now offering New Years Packages for small groups
  5. Flexibility Training: Pounding, Pounding and more Pounding. Most of us like to pick things up and put them down. But when it comes time to tying  those shoes or reach behind in the car to get something… IT’S NOT FUN! Exercise and Strength Training does not always increase flexibility in fact in most cases it can  be reduced. Try Yoga, Fly Gym or Foam Rolling.Those  great way to stretch and reduce muscle tightness.

So There you have it. 2015 fitness guide to making major changes and big results.  Give this a shot and above all be patient with your journey.

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