Tequila Plant for Bone Strength?!?

We hope everyone is off to a good weekend! If you’re wondering what drink to have tonight, read on about a recently published study that may help you decide…

Researchers in central Mexico have isolated chemical compounds found in the agave plant (raw material for tequila), that may prove to have more benefits that tasty shots on a Saturday night. Apparently, these substances improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium into bones, making them stronger.

Experiments on animals showed that even those suffering from osteoporosis were able to build significantly more bone compared to a control group. An important observation is that the optimal effect is achieved when the gut microbiome is healthy. That’s when the interaction of the fructan compounds in the agave produces transport molecules that help insert magnesium and calcium into bone cells.

While tequila (and any alcoholic beverage, for that matter) are as far from superfoods as fish are from bicycles, scientists hope that one day they’ll be able to synthesize the fructans into a supplement or medication for the 200 million people worldwide suffering from osteoporosis.

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