Come join us!

To all my Family, Friends and Co-workers. Most of you know by now that I have been decorating my house at 68 Lewelyn Rd in Stamford Ct. for the past 31 years! I have GREAT news, my house has been picked to be on a Nationally Televised Christmas Light Show! So I want to invite all of you to share in this spectacular moment with me on Oct 17th 2016. I have given my heart and a lot of hard work into this display over the last 3 decades and I am asking the community and surrounding areas to please come out in force to represent not only a city but our State! I need you in your best Christmas attire (no brand named logos like Nike or sport teams), your highest and over the top Christmas Spirit! I will need you to be here at 6:00pm and if possible stay to 10:30pm. The parking instructions will come later and if you don’t receive them you can call me at 203-940-2226. There will be snacks, hot Chocolate, Coffee, Singing, and SANTA! Not to mention the BEST display you will ever see in person. I also need a lot of kids and teenagers. I know this is a school night but I am asking for you to support me for just 1 day! This means the world to me to be able to give Millions of people my gift of Christmas! Please tell your families, friends and co-workers too. The more the merrier. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Thank you all in advance!


Let us all together make this the small house that “sleighs” the big houses (pun intended)

Lisa and Tony “Christmas” Pampena

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