Tackling Nutrition

Some people say the hardest part about being “fit” is the cardio. Some say it’s weight training. It truely depends where your body’s strengths and weaknesses are. However,I’d be willing to bet that everyone would say its the nutrition.

Its saying “no” to that cookie, or slice of pizza, whatever your vice may be. Even Rose Belcher our client of the month will admit she can’t restrain taking a trip to Fiesta for some quesadillas and nachos. 🙂

I grew up in a household that still to this day, you will find my father hosting a minimum of 12 choices of Breyers ice-cream gallons in the freezer. He feasts on a bowl every night after supper. Those dinners which start with a couple glasses of wine. Often the dinners will consist of white rice as my mother is Vietnamese. A majority of their diet consists of rice and or things made of rice. Fried foods can also be expected. Did i mention the Costco box of cinnabuns on the counter?…

When I decided to make fitness my life I myself struggled with nutrition and am willing to outright admit I have a sweet tooth. Old habits die hard, even if you are not that child with an obliged food source it can be hard to know what to eat. What’s healthy? What’s not? Are those frozen fad diets good? I’ve heard good things…Who do you know to turn to? We have some answers but before we give them to you; you have to want it. Our client of the month Rose made a great point in her last statement about training- it takes a level of commitment. You can’t have a salad for lunch and then compromise with a brownie for dessert. Unfortunately our bodies do not work like that. It is hard! Nothing about cutting out the salt and sugar is said to be easy; have any of you seen boiled chicken Kidmiridis trudging around???

Let us help. Ask today about the new Phase 1 nutrition program we have in motion. Get on track and stay on track.

-Trainer Cat Heitz

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