Summer weight loss tips

It’s summer again. Time to break out the ribs, fish fries, cakes, sweet tea, and potato salads. Who doesn’t love a beer on a summer day?

Remember as you are preparing your plate that your body will use what it needs, and store what it doesn’t. To drop weight there must be a caloric deficit. Do not starve yourself, but stay present. Don’t check out at the rib basket. Enjoy your summer but remember your goals.

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Many people do not do the extra exercise to drop the calories picked up from these types of meals, which is why you slowly see the pounds creep on. Here is one breakdown:

Lunch at 5 Guys

  • 1 bacon cheeseburger = 920 calories; 62 g fat
  • 1 medium fries = 620 calories; 30 g fat
  • 1 medium soda = 210 calories; 0 g fat
  •  Total = 1750 calories; 92 g fat

Remember: 1 lb. is equivalent to 3500 calories

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Let’s say your usual lunch is around 750 calories. That means your current body weight is based off that average intake. The excess calories from this particular lunch are 1000. To burn off those extra, unneeded calories, you would have to continue doing your current weekly fitness routine, plus one of the following (this varies according to fitness level, gender, size, and intensity level during workout.):

  • 2 hours of high rep/low weight, weight training
  • 1.5 hours of kickboxing or high intensity cardio
  • 1 hour of fast dancing and cycling
  • 2 hours of running at a level six to seven or rate of 10 minutes per mile
  • 3.5 hours of walking at a level four or rate of 15 minutes per mile
  • 2 discs from P90X
  • 1.5 hours of Insanity
  • 3 hours of zumba
  • 2 hours of cycling

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These are examples of heart pumping, brow sweating, and intense workouts necessary to maintain weight from just enjoying a little extra at one meal. What about Mother’s Day brunch, that 4th of July cookout, Memorial Day fish fry, camping, birthdays, and countless other summer events.

In a few short months, it will be time for football season and the holidays. Your fun in life can’t be based on food, or your life will always be about weight. I hope this helps and motivates us you to have a healthy summer.

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