4 years of excellence

I want to share that joy with you, because you are a part of a dream come true. Four years ago today, we started The Training Floor.  I, along with Cat, and George set out with a vision for a different type of gym, a passion for fitness, and only a hand full of clients.  We had no set classes and just the training and tools that we have used that we knew worked!   FOUR years later, we have built up an empire of superstars ranging from Doctors, to Lawyers, to School Teachers, to Homemakers, Dentists, Bankers and even an Undertaker.  This shows that we are a place for everyone!

Can you remember the first time you walked into The Training Floor? We would love to hear your story of your “first” workout with us… share it on our blog, award for best and funniest story!

Unlimited Classes