RKC Challenge

The RKC  stands for The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. This is a Kettlebell organization I spent the past weekend earning my certification. The 3 day certification hosted 109 people. We were broken into groups of 15 with a team leader and 2 other RKC instructors. The leader of this organization is a Russian guy by the name of Pavel, We quickly learned the hard way about the strictness of their workouts and punctuality. Each day we participated in different Kettlebell drills to help improve our cleans, squat swings, get ups and snatches.  From 8am to 6:30pm. On Sunday we were tested. The RKC test consists of

Turkish get up 1 side only

10 double Kettlebell swings      (55lb men) (35lbwomen)

5 double snatches

5 double squats

5 military press

5 snatches each side

100 snatches in 5 minutes

Train  a total stranger(victim)  for 60 mins (get up and swing)

I am happy to say I passed.  I am now an RKC instructor.  The Training Floor can now host some Kettlebell workshops and certification.

I want to thank my kettlebell classes ,it was you guys that kept me going. I knew I couldnt let you guys down.

                                                                                                                           Pavel is the leader of the RKC. He is responsible

For bringing Kettlebells to the USA.

Unlimited Classes