Panera’s Commendable Decision

Panera Bread made a bold decision last week. The restaurant chain is now disclosing the amount of added sugars in all its foods and beverages. What’s even nicer, is that the information is being displayed in teaspoon instead of grams. For the average American, 68 grams are meaningless, but 17 teaspoons is something relatable.

Kudos to Panera Bread for taking this step forward in transparency. Of course, this is a calculated business decision. Earlier this year, the chain introduced a line of lower-sugar beverages, meaning a soda with 6 teaspoons of added sugars no longer seems too unhealthy compared to a 17-teaspoon soda. Additionally, the company is privately held, which means it is easier to make decisions that would be unpopular on Wall-Street in the short term.

Hopefully, one day, Panera and other chains will do away entirely with soft drinks. It’s hard to imagine this happening, as the profit margin on beverages is usually hundreds of percents. You can vote for your health, and make do with cold water or sugar-less tea.

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