Interval Weight loss

The only thing harder than losing weight is keeping it off. That’s why the vast majority of people who lose weight, end up gaining it back.

There is an evolutionary explanation for this. The human body has a weight equilibrium, also known as the set weight point. When someone loses too much weight, alarms go off in the hormonal system, releasing chemicals that signal to the brain that the body needs more food, right now. As a result, the more weight you lose, the harder it is to keep from compensating by overeating.

A new approach to trick the body may be an effective solution to the problem. Instead of losing all the weight in one fell swoop, try interval dieting. Aim to lose 3 to 5 pounds for one month. Then, maintain that loss for one to two months, causing the body to think that this is the new set weight point. Then take another month to lose 3-5 pounds. Rinse and repeat.

Yes, this approach means much slower weight loss. However, it may increase your chances of long term weight maintenance once you do reach your goal weight. We like this train of thought for another reason. It allows a person to make gradual lifestyle changes, such as eating home cooked meals, eating more fruits and vegetables, and reducing sugar addiction. When you take things slowly, it is easier to adapt. Good luck!

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