McDonald’s New Year Resolutions

McDonald’s New Year Resolutions


Fast-food behemoth McDonald’s has had a good run in the last decade. Despite fears that health conscious consumers would avoid its burgers and fries, the company’s stock shot up 700% since its low in 2003. This was achieved mostly through health-washing efforts, for example the introduction of salads (with trans-fat dressing and more calories than a Big-Mac), as well as value meals and smart marketing.

But in 2014, business started floundering again, with US sales trending down due to rapidly changing consumer preferences and fierce competition.

In a recent conversation with analysts, McDonald’s CEO announced a wide array of changes :

1. simplification of the menu. Instead of 4 different Quarter Pounder versions, there will be only one.

2. Premium chicken sandwiches are being axed, with only one option remaining.

3. In order to address the mobile / texting generation, the chain is introducing a tablet-based ordering system. Why interact with other humans when you can simply tap your order?

4. The tech ordering solution is enabling a “Create Your Taste” program for people to personalize their burger, for example by adding jalapenos, switching out the beef for chicken, and more.

5. The number of options in the Extra Value Menu is also going to shrink, but no specifics were offered.

We wish there was a promise of healthier food options on this list of changes, but alas, McDonald’s will likely need to feel more pressure to take bolder steps in this direction.

Reminder: Eating fast food often is one of the main reasons America has gotten sick and fat. If you frequently eat out, try to increase the number of meals you prepare at home in 2015. You will consume less calories, less additives, and less sodium. Your health will likely improve, and you will probably lose weight too!

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