March Client of The Month

Lauryn Belgrove

How has you trainer benefited your life/ health?  My trainer has motivated me to keep going each day.  I went from not having any physical activity in my life to working out at least 3x/week.  The motivating text messages my trainer sends me during the week help keep my on track.  Having a trainer has kept me on an exercise program for the longest amount of time in my life.    It has made me a better wife, mother and most importantly a better me.

What were your initial goals and how’s training gotten you progressing toward them?  My initial short term goal was to start an exercise program.  My long term goal is to get down to a healthy weight.  For the first time in my life, I am actually exercising regularly and am starting to see the results not just in my weight but also in my lifestyle.  
What’s your favorite exercise to do with your trainer?
  I have always said I wished I was the type of person who just “loved” to work out.  Then it would all be a lot easier.  I can’t say that I have gotten to that point yet.  I am still waiting to find a favorite exercise but I am confident that it will come.  

What would you say to people about the training floor or who never have had a personal trainer and are considering one?  I always thought a personal trainer would never fit into my lifestyle both financially and with time.  On the day I woke up and decided I needed a big change in my life, I came across The Training Floor and quickly realized that all my preconceived notions were false.  I put on hold a much anticipated trip to Walt Disney World for my five year old son to put the money towards starting with a personal trainer.  I knew this would be the only way for me to motivate myself to get active.  My trainer, Leighton has helped me stay committed to this journey.  I have never stuck with any program as long as I have this.  I am the type of person who needs to be held accountable and having a trainer does just that.  Now that training with The Training Floor is a part of my life, I can’t see myself going on without it.  Now our trip to  Disney will not only be for my son but also my reward for sticking with this and reaching my goals.

I have just loved my time training at The Training Floor.  The gym has a wonderful friendly feeling and it is very easy to work out and not feel like people are watching you.  Before I ever walked into the gym I was extremely intimidated by the whole idea of working out in a gym with a trainer.  I got the nerve to enter the doors and those feelings quickly went away.  I haven’t looked back.

Leighton Edwards

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