Make it “healthy” or JUST EAT IT!?

This past week many clients have come in and said, “It’s nice to know you guys have lives outside of this place; actually go out and eat!” Although Match and or Lolita’s maynot have been the first resturant you would have picked for us to eat at what about you? Where and what do you like to eat that we don’t necessarily know about?

My client walked in this morning asking about ice-cream made of goatmilk, now I’m curious…

Who out there choose’s the “healthy” or “considered more healthy” choice of food ie. icecream that you know you shouldn’t have anyway but justify it by the “health promoting label”


do you just eat the regular not calorie reduced ben and jerry’s you are craving because you jutisify it is once inawhile?

Pasta vs. whole wheat? Diet snapple vs. snapple? “Reduced fat” muffin vs. regular? Dark coco chocolate bar vs. hershey’s? What’s your weak spot?

Don’t be shy!  Let’s talk about it!


-Trainer Cat Heitz

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