Client of the Month




Niki Barbadimos 

  1. How has your trainer benefited your life/health?

 Cat Heitz is one of a kind!  Cat has made me believe in myself and pushed me to do exercises that I never thought possible. She is the ultimate motivator!! Before coming to The Training Floor, fitness and a healthy lifestyle were the last two things on my mind. Over the past few months, Cat has shown me why exercise and eating properly is so important. Now I think before I eat and make a conscious effort to have 5 small meals a day to keep my metabolism going.  

  1. What were your initial goals and how has training gotten you progressing toward them?  

My initial goal was to lose fat and build muscle. When I started the program, the exercises were difficult because I was so out of shape – I thought I would never be able to see results.  To my surprise, after six months, I am in the best shape in years; muscle has been built and I am much stronger.  

3.     What is your favorite exercise to do with your trainer?  

Absolutely not BURPEES or the SLED RUN!!! I enjoy working with the sliders (mountain climbers, knee tucks, etc), TRX and free weights.   

4.     What is your favorite meal?

Favorite healthy meal has to be grilled fish with veggies and Greek salads from Hope Pizza!

5.      What would you say to people about the training floor or who never had a personal trainer and are considering one?

 A trainer makes life a lot easier by designing a program to fit your particular needs. They keep you motivated past your limit and encourage a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Trainers challenge and keep you from quitting once you feel “the burn”.  They also demonstrate the correct way to do exercises so you aren’t wasting time doing them incorrectly and not getting the best results.  If you are looking to become motivated and truly want to change your lifestyle—the Training Floor is the place for you!

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