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Q.What’s a good form of cardio to do in the morning if you can’t leave your house and don’t own a treadmill?

A. You can do many things. you don’t need machines. If you have a jump rope, you can use that. Jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, jog in place, toe taps on a step; any of these will really raise your heart rate and are a form of cardio.

Try this: 25 Jumping jacks/30 sec jog in place

                   Repeat 3 times

                   15 burpees or squat thrusts/20 sec mountain climbers/20 sec Toe taps

                    Repeat 3 times

                     30 sec Jump Rope or pretend you have a rope/ High knees as fast as you can

                     15 sec.

                    Repeat 3 times and your done.

          This routine is an awesome cardiovascular workout. You can shorten the time or reps for difficulty then work your way up if you need to.

Q.  I am training for a half marathon in 8 weeks time, need to incorporate hill training and speed repeats and interval training. Any suggestions? with this weather most of my training is on the treadmill.

A. It is tough in the snow and cold weather, so if you have to use the treadmill then do so. Otherwise try to suit up according to weather: if it’s cold dress in layers.

Training for a marathon you definately should Run in intervals.


Day 1 run 3 miles

day 2 run 6 miles

day 3 run 1-2 miles

day 4 run 10 miles

You definitely want to keep your core and legs strong as well so circuit training is great. Full body, 2-3 circuits of 4-6 exercises work great. Maybe even throw in jump rope in between exercises: 1 min each time. Jumping rope builds stamina and speed.

Hills definitely will also strengthen those legs. Or put the treadmill at a high incline and just pump up your speed level.

  Glad we can help. Hope this advice can benefit you.  

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