Kettlebell Workshop


                                                                                            September 8-22

Now is your chance to really be challenged. You’ve seen them in the hands of everyone from fit moms to buff people at your gym — yet you’re still hesitant to pick one up. While kettlebells have become a go-to piece of workout equipment for many, they can be tricky to master — and even cause damage — if you don’t know how to use them properly.  I have designed a two week learn kettlebell course that will leave you armed and ready to take any of our kettlebell classes.  Kettlebell workouts can tighten and tone your whole body, but the dynamic all-muscles-on-deck movements also burn a heck of a lot of calories—on par with running a 6-minute mile. The energy output of a typical kettlebell class  burned about 20 calories a minute, or 400 in a 20-minute session.

During this course you will learn the foundation  kettkebell moves needed to give yourself a maximum workout while using the correct form.

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Cleans
  • Presses
  • Turkish Get ups

Classes will be at least 45 mins long. All workouts  will take place mornings and nights for two weeks.

  1. 9/8 Thursday – 6 am
  2. 9/8 Thursday -6:30pm
  3. 9/9 Friday 6 am
  4. 9/10 Saturday 10:15 am
  5. 9/11 Sunday 10 am
  6. 9/12 Monday 6:30pm
  7. 9/14 Wednesday 6 am
  8. 9/15 Thursday 6am
  9. 9/15 Thursday 6:30pm
  10. 9/16 Friday 6am
  11. 9/17 Saturday 10:15am
  12. 9/18 Sunday 10 am
  13. 9/19 Monday 6:30pm
  14. 9/21 Wednesday 6 am
  15. 9/22 Thursday 6am
  16. 9/22 Thursday 6:30pm

You must attend at least 12 out of the 16 classes in order to advance to Kettlebell class.

Please sign up for classes online.

This course is for anyone who wants to give Kettlebells a try.

“There are no limitations or boundaries on what you can accomplish if you try”

Unlimited Classes