Just for kicks?


My Love of Kicks:(please leave a comment)

It started for me when I was growing up in the
inner city of Bridgeport and my mom would
buy me, my two brothers and my sister one pair of canvas Converse or ProKeds.  This pair was our one pair for the
entire year.  There was something about
having those sneakers year around that made me appreciate kicks. As the years
went on I found myself appreciating sneakers more and more. I wore sneakers
until the bottoms leaned to one side, and my friends laughed at me. As I grew
older and got into basketball I started getting sneakers for free. I got them
from being on my high school team and winning tournaments. By the time I
reached college, I had over 15 pairs of basketball sneaker and my team had a
contract with Nike that guaranteed us at least 4 pairs of kicks each season.
For me, my sneakers changed my attitude and always made me feel and play better.
I had sneakers for every outfit, every home, and away game. Sneakers gave me
energy, Michael Jordan, (Nike) Magic Johnson (Converse) Debrown (Rebook) those
where a few of my idols growing up and every job I ever had I made sure to set
money aside to buy a pair of their latest kicks.

Now, as a proud business owner and an ex basketball player kicks
still have inspiration to me. I have close to 430 pairs of sneakers in my
collection. What can I say it just feels right!   My sneakers help me through my workouts, and
give me comfort when I’m out on the town.
But the most important thing is that my kicks and my collection remind
me of where I came from.

Ray Boyd

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