Jump Start your Goals

                Jumping rope is benificial in many ways. It a high intensety, high impact cardio. It is  great to help shed those last few pounds you have been having trouble with. You should try it. You can buy a jump rope online or at any gym equipment store near you. If you have never jumped rope before or havent done it since you were a kid? It just takes a little practice. The more you do it the better you will get. When you do get it, its gtreat. Once you get really good you can even learn some tricks like the cross over or the double spin jump. Like I said. It takes practice.

              Jump Rope will improve your speed, Agility, balance, Coordination, and endurance ( Both Muscular and cardiovascular). It has also been said to help maintain or build healthy bones. 5 min of jumping rope is equivelant to running 1 mile. Pretty awesome! Especially when you dont like to run like myself. 🙂 That is why I love it.

   Ways to Interprate Jump Rope in your Routine

: As a warm up for about 3 min at a moderate speed

: As cardio. Jumping rope anywhere from 10- 20 min is very affective. Changing speeds or steady pace.

: In between exersizes is awesome inerval training. It will make any routine intense.

: Even in between other aerobic activies.

Example- light jogg in place for the 30 sec then jump rope for 60 sec and then you can do toe taps on a ball for 30 more sec. Repeat for 10 min. try that out.

If you dont know how to get started on a rope.

 Take a look at this video.


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