How Does Alcohol Mix With Fitness and Exercise

           For those of you who want to be (or stay) in shape and lean, here are some things you should probably keep in mind about mixing fitness and alcohol. Consuming too much alcohol increases calorie intake, creates irregular blood sugar, reduces your endurance, strength, recovery time, and  the ability to metabolize fat.

            By drinking alcohol you’re consuming unnecessary calories and sugar which slows down weight loss and can make it difficult to keep the weight off. Alcohol releases insulin that will increase the metabolism of glycogen, which spares fat and makes fat loss difficult for most of us. Drinking large amounts of alcohol causes dehydration and your hormones to secrete; this will affect your endurance and strength.

            If you like to drink alcohol, no one is telling you to stop completely; BUT try to drink in moderation and be safe about it. Think more about your health and exercise  routine and their importance to you. What truly is more important to you? We leave it up to you.

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