George Kitmiridis trains for April’s Musclemania bodybuilding show

George is training for a natural bodybuilding show

April25, 2009  North Haven High School

George has competed before but has not stepped foot on stage in the last 5 years.

His body fat is currently 9.5%  and is 178lb

He will bring his body fat down to 3% .new-boxing-005

He will be competing in Light weight class or Middle weight 168-170lb

I am dieting George for this show . I have dieted at least 7 bodybuilders but none quite like George.

His genetics are beyond beliefs which makes my job tougher. Most bodybuilders loose 15-20lbs for a show.

I have to lean him out to about 3-4% body fat without loosing his size.

His diet consists of high protein and moderate carbohydrate and a good amount of leafy green vegetables,  for now.

I will be changing his diet every 2 weeks. Please stay tuned for more updates on Georges body fat% and weight.

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