Fit 4

Please Choose  any 4 of these classes each week for 4 weeks.

Mon 6am Boot Camp    6:30pm Strength and Agility

Tues 6am Beginner KB   6:00pm Beginner KB  7:00pm Advanced KB

Wed 6:30pm TRX  7:30pm Cardio Kickboxing

Thurs 6:oopm open KB  6:30pm Cardio Boxing 7:30pm Cardio Boxing

Fri 6:00am Fusion

Sat 9:00am Cardio Kickboxing or sometimes Boot Camp

Sat 10:00am KB startup  11:00am Kid’s Boot Camp

Sun  10:30am Cardio Kickboxing 8:00am Advanced KB 

If your not in better shape after 4 consecutive weeks, I will give  you a free punch pass

(you must not miss any of the  4 classes each week for 4 weeks)

Unlimited Classes