Do you drink tea?

Some people drink tea because they prefer it over coffee, some because they have “heard” it’s healthy for you.

For all you tea drinks for whatever reason you do; do you know the benefits of tea? Did you know they vary pending on the tea?

Black Tea:

Regular black tea consumption is linked to decreased risk of Parkinson’s disease and age-related cognitive decline

White tea:

Antifungal and antibacterial white tea extract offers infection-fighting properties

Green tea:

Catechin-rich green tea lowers stroke risk and may help prevent cardiovascular disease and some cancers

Oolong tea:                                         

Oolong aids weight loss and cardiovascular health by increasing levels of the hormon adiponectin

Hope you learned something new today! Is there a topic/food/exercise you’d like to know more about? Comment on this post and ask us!!

-The Training Floor staff

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