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Ann Waters

Ann Waters







Ann Waters

How long have you been training with Ray?  How has your training benefitted your life?

 I’ve been training with Ray for two months now and training with him has benefited my life in many ways.   I feel like I’m getting stronger and have a lot more energy.   I simply feel so much better.

 What were your initial goals and how has training gotten you progressing towards them?

 I came to TTF with a very weak lower back (herniated disc problems in the past) and I know this is the result of a very weak core.  Ray has designed a program that has safely targeted my core as well as every other part of my body.   Ray motivates me to push and work hard.

 What your favorite exercise?

 I don’t really have a favorite exercise, can’t say doing squats or lunges would make the top ten things I like getting up in the morning for but I do love the TRX class.  Working with kettle bells is starting to come in a close second.

 What would you say to other that has never had a personal trainer?

 Working with a personal trainer has many advantages.  Every body is different and ever person has a different level of fitness.  Whether it is weight loss, muscle toning or overall cardiovascular fitness, workouts are designed to meet your needs and reach your goals.  I feel a personal trainer helps you achieve maximum fitness results in a much shorter period of time.

My favorite food is Chilean sea bass.

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