Client of the month Carol Luscz

Carol Luscz

How long have you been training with George?

April 09


How has training benefitted your life/health?

I have more energy and confidence. I feel happier and healthier.
What were your initial goals and how’s training gotten you progressing toward them?

 I am getting ready for my niece’s wedding in March. I want

a hot dress.

What’s your favorite exercise to do with your trainer? Walking lunges with weights and walking shoulder press

What’s your favorite meal? I love salad with nuts, cranberries and gorgonzola with grilled chicken/ with a nice glass of merlot.

What would you say to people about the training floor or who never have had a personal trainer and are considering one? Do not be intimidated. The entire staff is here to support and motivate you. The team makes it fun to work out and I look forward to coming to see my friends.

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