Cat, Jenn, Grainne

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The results are in

Cat 1 hour 47minutes

Grainne 1 hour 46 minutes

Jen 1 hour 41 minutes

Congratulations Ladies!

Go Diva Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon- July 11, 2010

Trainer Cat had an idea to take “out of the box “training to a new level and participate in multiple types of sporting events.  In an effort to complete some of these events, she invited clients to take the challenge with her.

Cat, Grainne, and Jenn all participated in the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon.  The event consisted of a 750 yard swim, 17 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run route.    Unfortunately, the event was changed last minute due to water issues, so no one was allowed to participate in the swimming portion. Instead all participants ran 2 miles, biked 17, and then ran another 3 miles!

Jenn finished in 1 hour 41 minutes, Cat in 1 hour 45 minutes, and Grainne in 1 hr 46 minutes.

Grainne and Jenn were so inspired by Cat and her dedication to fitness that they nominated her for an award at this event.  The event sponsored an award for the most inspirational person.  Grainne and Jenn wrote an essay about Cat, and she was chosen as the winner!  Come in and check out her award!

More stories about the Triathlon will be coming soon!

Interested in trying one of these events?  See Cat for more info… the next event is already planned!

The A Game Team

Representing The Training Floor

Cat won the most inspirational award out of 1,400 contestants

Ready for action

Cat Heitz! She is a trainer at the gym I work out at in Stamford, CT called The Training Floor, Stamford, CT. I first met Cat in August of 2008. She has been so inspirational in my weight loss journey and here is what she means to me: She makes me feel like part of a team, whether it is in her boot camp class or in one on one personal training sessions, she is hard but energizing!! She has helped me realize I can reach for my goals, she is always inviting and inspiring and makes me think nothing is impossible, she is motivational in the group classes! She is a friend, and she has pushed my mind and body further and further to believe that I can be stronger, healthier and in better shape, she has inspired me to do this triathlon with her!! Thanks Grainne Keogh

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