Boost your Sex Life with Exercise

                 Study showed that men and women in the same age group that exercise 3-4 times per week are more sexualy active and even desire it more then those who dont. this could be because of self appearance, increase in confidence, or physiological reasons like better circulation and blood flow.

 Strength and Cardio

                  Strength training is great for muscular endurance which applies in many ways, especialy for men. Cardiovascular training will help you last longer. It helps increase your stamina wich plays a big part in satisfying your partner.

Endorphin Release

                   Exercise releases endorphins that are feelings of pleasure. For example: A runner may sometimes experience a feeling of bliss and content caused by a release of endorphins. We also call this a ” Runners High”. Well, sex releases these same endorphins. Therefore the more you release your endorphins the more feeling you will have thus the better it will be.

Exercise and Sexual Aging

                  More studies have shown that people around their 60’s who exercise frequently are having the same abount of sex and sexual pleasures as those in their 20’s and 30’s.

                   So ladies and gentlemen. If you dont have the drive to exercise for a healthier life style; then maybe this article will help you want get your workouts in!

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