Balance exercise???

Pain caused by sprained ankles, and a variety of other injuries common to
active people, often have nothing to do with strength. They often have
little to do with flexibility. And rarely do they have anything to do with
endurance. More often than not, sprains and strains have to do with balance.

Balance training or what they call proprioception training is often used in
rehabilitation for such injuries but it can also be used to prevent injuries
and that is why it is so important to me and you. Kinesthetic awareness, or
the ability to know where your body parts are in 3-dimensional space, is
required for every movement we make. So it’s not surprising that balance can
be learned, challenged, and improved. We can train our bodies to improve the
proprioception within the muscles, just by creating balance challenges for

Balance exercises can be as simple as balancing on one leg for a period of
time or can be as complex as my bosu challenge for you. See video!

-Trainer Cat Heitz


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