Are you reading your labels?

A client of mine brought this article to my attention so I decided to bring it a little further and ask the question, When grocery shopping do you read the labels?

The Great Bacon Debate – Ever since Oprah mentioned that regular bacon is better than turkey bacon (due to sodium levels), people have been going NUTSO. Truth is, you need to examine your bacon and read labels — and each product should be judged based on its individual nutritional info. Turkey bacon can have way fewer calories and much less fat than regular bacon. Some turkey bacon has lower sodium content than others, and some regular bacon has reduced calories and fat. It just depends on the bacon. Thoroughly confused? Distract yourself and check out, a site TRULY devoted to the “meat candy” — you can find bacon lunchboxes, gummy bacon, bacon toothpicks, and an INSANE (in a good way) selection of flavored bacon with decent stats


Let me know what you think….

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