3 ways to stay focused over the holidays

  1. Be Patient . During the holiday months everything may not go as planed and you can’t always control that. You can control how you react. Take deep breaths, try and rethink thing and always have a back up plan. You may find stress levels high in the next few months . Stress is no different then adversity and how we handle it is what truly makes the difference.

  2. Stay close. Shopping, parties and relatives are all important factors that make it close to impossible to stick with your normal routine during the holidays. Stay as close to it as possible. Rest , Workouts and Eating still must be at the top of your list during the holidays so don’t deviate too far away. Just think, you’ve worked so hard to get yourself into the kind of shape your at now. You will not let the holidays stop you. The key is to keep those three things at the top of your” I have to do list. “

  3. Have Fun. Most of us plan the holidays by making sure everyone else is taken care of  and that’s awesome but you also deserve some fun and enjoyment for yourself. Enjoy, laugh more and be happy ! You’ve earned your body enjoy it and have fun.

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