3 Day Seminar In Providence RI

Dear Clients,

 I had a very educational weekend as a close friend of mine and I went to a 3 day seminar in Providence, RI to study with the countries best trainers. I learned a lot and even talked to the founders of the TRX.  I brought back some new ideas, motivation……

I think the most important thing I brought back was a bigger sense of pride. I’m never too smart to stop learning, cause let’s face it if when you stop learning you stop growing.  I felt a bigger sense of pride because we participated in hands on workouts taught by the best of the best and their circuits/workouts were as good if not the same as the workouts provided by our trainers at The Training Floor. For me, that was well worth the price of admission so I left the seminar on Sunday energized, wiser and with more pride.

Thanks to the trainers and clients of The Training Floor.


 This is Brian Grosso of the IYCA, the best in the nation in kids training!

He Love’s The Training Floor concept

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