Words from a winner

As you know last month Grainne Keogh was the winner of our NCAA basketball pool. She has won a full month of personal training and this is what she had to say.

Ok I admit it, I was scared when I won, I mean – a free month of personal training with you!! But the fact that you know how me and how I train, I knew you were going to push me harder and harder!!
I gotta admit When I arrived at the gym, I was a little cranky. Can you believe, a free month and I was Cranky But it’s true. I think I was dreading the burpees, the sled the ropes the KB and all the new moves!!
But something happened right around the time I was doing my second set of pulls or pushups or swings I forget!  I started to feel Good. My cheeks were flushed. I had determination in my eyes. Hmmm… my skin looks pretty good, I thought. I like the way the new kettlebell moves made my shoulders look!
Except for the sweat, I looked exactly the same halfway through my workout as I did when I started – but my perception of myself was radically different. Was it the endorphins? Oxygen? Or is the kettlebell a magic wand of beauty? I vote for all three.  Plus 50 snatches on the 35kg for 2 mins and 40 seconds and then 50 more snatches on the 12kg for I forget how long!! Pleeeeeeeeeassssssssssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for believing I could!

YOU DON’T MAKE EXCUSES! “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure!”

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