Why Choose The Training Floor?

“What’s all the hype about? Isn’t that place just another gym?”

“Well that’s not what I’ve heard!…you really should check it out!”

What is The Training Floor aside from a private personal training studio? The Training Floor is energy, persistence, encouragement, fun, hard work, laugh, sweat, results, friends, some may say insanity but definitely family.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? (We better not hear about you eating cake!! J) Here at The Training Floor we would like to think we’re covered all our bases. We have each dedicated ourselves to not only be great trainers but to be YOUR trainer. Not another corporate gym but a PRIVATE one-on-one facility offering sessions tailored just for you, open 7 days a week, centrally located in Glenbrook, and staffed with genuine, knowledgeable and dedicated trainers.

Here we are offering quality training with packages that fit your schedule, budget, and goals. Even our popular group sessions and classes are still kept to a small, comfortable size each with its own unique flavor of fitness fun.

Unlimited Classes