Why are people constantly wanting to diet?

Because the diet they are on is not working.


weight watchers said this

Atkins said this

South beach told you this

but $ is getting tight; and your jeans aren’t getting much more loose


people are still

mindlessly eating

emotionally eating

pleasure eating

1 in 5 children in america are obese.


We are creatures of habit and don’t like change. BUT. it is possible. 

We have had great success working with those of you who are willing to change your eating habits towards a better and brighter one. Just as those of you who are working out- you have to WANT something for it to work. 

A negative attitude will get you no where in life. You have to work on you before others do; steps to a healthy life include:

-Finding a direction and goal: know where you want to be

-Mentally preparing yourself: understand that you will have to make choices and sacrifices as far as time to workout or cook rather than grabbing the pre-made quick bite or trying different foods

-Creating or enrolling in a system: find a way to be getting a 3-5 day workout plan that you will hold yourself to

-Don’t stop!- communicate with others; have them involved, a support system to keep you reliable for staying with things

Commit to being fit.


If you are not where you want to be ask a trainer today and let’s work together to find  a way to get you there.


-Trainer Cat Heitz

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