What Food Can Help Reduce Cellulite?

Cellulite is the bane of many women’s buttocks, hips and thighs, with the lumpy looking skin feeling like curdled cottage cheese to the touch. The truth is that cellulite is not a medical condition. That is small comfort when you don’t feel comfortable wearing shirts or a bikini.

The dimpling of the skin is caused when fat accumulates under the skin but is held back under a 3 dimensional web of fibrous connective cords that connects the muscle to skin. Cellulite risk factors are:
* sex – it’s mostly women that get it
* genetics – unfortunately, if your mom’s got it, chances are you will too
* overweight – more fat under the skin
* inactivity
* pregnancy

There are an assortment of cremes and ointments advertised to help remove cellulite, but there is no scientific evidence that they are effective over the long term. Massage therapy may help for a very short term, but it too does not have lasting effects.

Can dietary adjustments be of any assistance?

Yes, but indirectly. Since cellulite is composed of fat build-up, reducing the percentage of body fat can help reduce its prominence. Basically – you need to adopt a healthy diet and to lose weight. At the risk of repeating ourselves: ditch refined carbs and opt for vegetables and fruits. Forget those soft drinks and juice, drink water exclusively. Eat more plant based and lean protein.

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