Training Floor Warriors

Warrior Dash 9/19/2010
Windham, New York

Are you a Warrior?  This weekend Cat, Niki and Jenn participated in the Warrior Dash. Cat decided it isn’t enough to talk about pushing your body to the limits, you need to experience it.  These ladies ran 3.25 miles through a series of extreme obstacles such as climbing cargo nets, jumping over walls, and leaping over fire. The race begins with a running up a ski mountain and ends sliding through a mud pit. The race is a test of both physical and mental capacity.  Congratulations ladies, awesome job!

Cat came in 18 out of 411 in age group
Niki was 6th out of 125 in age group
and I was 22 out of 403 in age group
Seriously top 5% for you ladies- amazing!



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